Artist/Sustainable Designer

I see my work as randomized abstractions

with a Graffiti edge.

I design things very much as any good Magpie would.

I ask for an Open Mind.



I love to infuse positive feelings into my upcycled lighting designs.

I love to put people off guard.

My chandeliers and lighting creations are tiny testimonies to the charm of sustainable design.

Use the Existing to create New

is my Mantra!

I have a passion for Stilettos,

as well as for for hand painting and embellishing.

A perfect marriage in my mind.

So I also offer

Sustainable and Wearable Art.

STREET Art that goes where

You go!

My goal as an artist

is to help raise awareness of Urban Poverty

To try and make life better for street kids…

by just getting something started!