Laura Lee Harasym

Laura Lee Harasym

Laura Lee’s life began in a small rural northern Manitoba community. This country living has enriched her foundation to the core. Keeping her fundamentals and heart grounded in the prairies no matter where life and her travels have persuaded her.

Since the first day her mother put a crayon in Laura Lee’s hand she has never stopped creating art. Her in extensive passion for painting has grown and thrived since childhood. And what started out as a childhood dream (painting for fun to give to family and friends) has now unfolded into a lifestyle where the creative flow is a boundless form of expression.

Self taught, her medium of choice is Acrylic yet she dabbles in water colors and oils and is never apposed to getting her hands into something new. Her style is very unique and broad yet always conveys her positive loving spin on life in each of her pieces.

In the summer of 2008 Laura Lee entered her first official Art exhibition at the Islendingadagurinn (Icelandic Festival). With such positive input on her work and an honorable mention Laura Lee decided to continue pursuing her artistic abilities in a more significant manor. Since then she has placed her work in three other exhibitions at such art venues as the Next Thought Art Gallery (Winnipeg), Gathering Place (Vancouver) and The Round House Community Center (Vancouver) with promotions and recognition from the Vancouver Sun and CBC Radio. Since her return to Manitoba in May she attended the 2009 Islendigadagurinn (Icelandic Festival) art exhibition and received another honorable mention. Laura Lee has also become part of the Dirty water Collective where she displayed works in the Hallucinatory Delusions Exhibition. During the summer months she is also working with a lovely group of people at the Summer Artisans Market displaying and selling her pieces.

November 08 Laura Lee left her current job to purely peruse her arts in the beautiful city of Vancouver. She grew magnitudes artistically and spiritually during this seven month artistic journey. She has since moved back to continue her growth in her home base of Winnipeg.

As the world is bombarded with negative media and advertisements, Laura Lee finds her self even more so driven to convey her positive message about life through her passion to keep creating art that provokes thought and emotion through her vision.

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