Erin Brown

I use figurative sculpture, painting, and drawing to engage narratives of acute introspection.   Intense self-scrutiny has a polarizing effect on how I view myself; I’m able to observe my physical and emotional flaws with greater objectivity while experiencing them more intensely.

Because my work is so highly personal, the nude figure seems to most clearly and potently convey a sense of vulnerability.  This feeling is magnified by my use of self-portraits.  My emotional unease is present in the work from the moment I start and long after I finish.  Breaching personal codes of modesty is only one part of what is happening in this work.  By becoming my own subject, I am confronted with the reality that so much of what I know, or what I should know, I scarcely know at all.  Sometimes I feel close to knowing or understanding myself and my work, but more often than not I find myself starting another piece in search of a kind of comfort if not resolution.

The distorted realism evident in my work suggests real beings that inhabit psychological or imagined spaces.  I create convincing figures that are altered in hope of finding a way to express profound emotional discord.

Drawing, painting and sculpting all provide different ways for me to access the interior space from which my work derives.  I am fully engaged by the complexity of sculpture as it requires constant innovation and invention.  It is my hope that in trying to understand and express something about myself that I may, at some point, have some insight into the lives, if not the minds, of others.