Night became years, Debut poetry and Gabrielle Funk and Ian Johnson artwork exhibition

April 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

gabriellenight became years

Join Coach House Books for a night of art, music, and readings hosted by Ariel Gordon to celebrate the release of NIGHT BECAME YEARS, the first book of poetry by Winnipeg poet Jason Stefanik.

NIGHT BECAME YEARS combines Elizabethan canting language with a modern day innercity perspective to produce a portrait of north end Winnipeg that is unlike any other. Calling upon alchemy, love, Protestant witch judges, Indigenous identity, the cultural abutments of the inner city, football taunts, border ballads, and half­breed wailing, Stefanik reimagines what poetry can look like and what his mixed blood identity means.

JASON STEFANIK proudly resides in Winnipeg’s gritty North End. A poet, publisher, and propagandist, he is a second generation adoptee, of mixed and mysterious background.

JASON G. EASTWOOD is a musician and absurdist professor of cosmic vibes from the centre of North America (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). His debut album full-length album “Linked In”, a genre-bending, guitar-driven, psychedelic work that investigates love, memory, nostalgia, the fabric of the online universe, and pop-culture, was released worldwide on November 17, 2017. Jason has a Bachelor of Music (composition) and an MA in Musicology from Dalhousie University. He also has a Phd. in Rock ‘n Roll from the backstreets of Canada.

COLIN SMITH is a poet who grew up best in Vancouver’s Kootenay School of Writing. He now lives lightly in Winnipeg, Anishinaabe akiin. Latest title is Multiple Bippies (CUE Books, 2014).

GABRIELLE FUNK is a Winnipeg-based visual artist, freelance illustrator, muralist, and community art facilitator through Art City and Grafitti Art Programming. She has been active in Winnipeg’s art community since 2013. Her most recent body of personal work focuses on the creation of a visual narrative told through self-portraiture in exploration of femininity and sexuality as a cultural, physical and spiritual construct. In her work the inclusion of wildlife is utilized as a reflective or antagonizing force. Through this work Gabrielle aims to beckon viewers into a world laced with quiet tension and subtle admission utilizing subject matter and symbolism that is as hostile and wild as it is familiar.

This event is free and open to the public. Books for sale thanks to the fine folks at McNally Robinson Booksellers.