STREET – Photography exhibit by Bill Macpherson

January 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

Memories of the Street
Each of us have a relationship with the streets where we grew up or visited or live now. Being human in the 20th and 21st centuries makes it nearly impossible for those of us who are of a western culture to not have experienced main street somewhere.
The work of photographer Bill Macpherson explores who we are on the street – how we are looked at and how, in turn, we look back at what is around us.
My most overwhelming memory of the street is the strong sense of place I experienced – I live here, these are my people, this is my place.
When I travel, I try to put myself back in that space – to feel what the people of that place feel, to relate as they do to their surroundings and the others around them.
There is another side to the street which is not concrete or buildings or travellers. It is people who live on the street. Macpherson has created portraits of them that reflects the person behind the circumstance. What is seen is not always pleasant or reassuring, but it is always grounding and real.
I invite you to visit the streets of Bill Macpherson to join in discovering a new place, to remember old ones and to see new faces that may evoke or create memories for you. I hope this provokes you to experience anew that which is around you.