2016 AIR Exhibit Brook Drabot and Rika Hawes

January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Join us to check out the work of our 2016 AIR artists Brook Drabot and Rika Hawes

Brook Drabot is a glass artist living and creating in Winnipeg Manitoba. She has studied at the Sheridan school of craft and design, Red Deer Collage and Pratt Fine Arts Centre. Elements of naturalist collections, botanical references, personalized ritual and fairy tale imaginings are incorporated into her glass to create work that is both familiar and otherworldly. Experimenting between flameworked, blown and cast glass Brook often works combining multiple small components together.

Bottle Spirits
Housed within a medicine chest, I have created glass and ceramic reproductions from antique bottles. They are made from slip cast clay, mold blown and kiln cast glass. The bottle display was inspired by the Manitoba Museum’s collection from the Manitoba Glass Company, Beausejour 1906-1914.
Theses bottles have become a way to experiment with a variety of techniques and materials within a limited form. I’ve been working with the ideas of personal medicines and rituals, as well as sent memory and spirit vessels. Some bottles contain homemade medicine and potions, while others serve to contain the essence of a specific location or individual.

Rika Hawes – In ‘All my Relations’ Rika Hawes uses video stories and re-visioned domestic objects
to explore and address racism with a focus on personal responsibility and individual